Unfettered Wealth… you’ll know it when:

  • You can continue to enjoy your lifestyle with certainty.

  • You have a clear “why” for every decision.

  • There are few what-ifs to derail your plan.

  • Your life’s work is transitioned into personal wealth.

Unfettered Wealth… you get it by:

  • Developing a clear future perspective. DESTINATION MINDSET

  • Having everything in the right place. DISCOVERY & ORGANIZATION

  • Making the right decisions, at the right time. PLANNED IMPLEMENTATION

  • Controlling what you can. PLANNING FOR TAXES, WHAT-IFS, & EFFICIENCIES

  • Coordinating your strategies with your advisory teams. ADVISOR COLLABORATION
<strong>Planning For an Unfettered Life: Selling Your Business</strong>

Planning For an Unfettered Life: Selling Your Business

Entrepreneurs are great at building a business and getting it to the 20-yard line. They are not always as effective at figuring out how to get into the end zone.

If you’ve built a successful enterprise, chances are most of your assets are tied up in your business. Look ahead to your retirement years: Do you have a plan in place to convert your sweat equity into investment capital?

Get the most value by preparing early. Learn how to start planning for an unfettered life when it comes to selling your business, on our latest paper.


The Unfettered Wealth podcast with Eric Tashlein of Connecticut Capital, helps families, business owners, and successful professionals plan for better wealth outcomes. Imagine a lifestyle with certainty, confidence in your team, a clearer "why" for every decision, fewer what-ifs, and your life's work trasnsitioned into personal wealth. Eric will help you identify better wealth decisions, to achieve an unfettered life.

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