You have dreams, big ideas, and will finally have time to do them.  You’re not stopping, you’re starting something new.  We provide advice for people like you.  We know retirement is a life style change so we will show you how to manage your assets you’ve saved over the years.  Our reputation is built on working with people who want to make the most of their life at every age.

Case Study


Client: Jake and Joan

Age: 67 and 65


Jake and Joan had recently retired. They thought they were in good financial shape with a large IRA and a sizable taxable investment portfolio.  The house was paid off and they had no other debt.  Over the past few years that they were hit hard by tax bills due to their mutual fund holdings.  They joked with us that the portfolio had grown but their check book was shrinking.  They moved forward with us for a second opinion on their portfolios and for financial planning.


We talked with Jake and Joan about their lifestyle goals and their priorities including the fact they’d like to help their grandchildren with education expenses, if possible. We created a financial plan and suggested a tax efficient portfolio to help reduce their tax burden and better diversify their holdings.

This case study is a fictional representation of our client base. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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