Your day is measured by meetings , briefings and deadlines.  You’re paid to make big decisions to help your business grow and prosper.   That is what you do and that is who you are.  We provide advice to people like you.

Case Study - A Busy Professional


Client: John

Age: 46


John, a C-suite executive, is married to Sue and they have two children. He is part of a very successful mid-sized company. He’s been too busy building his career to think about retirement, and made a few attempts at investing that didn’t turn out well. Seeing retirement on the horizon, he decided to seek out an experienced financial advisor.


We spoke with John about his children’s education and his and his wife’s goals for their retirement. We determined that nearly all of John’s assets were concentrated within his company retirement plan, and that the allocation within the plan was not optimal. Based on their individual needs and goals, we crafted a financial plan that included broadening John’s investment base and ensuring proper asset allocation going forward. The plan gives John the confidence he needs to focus on his career while knowing that his financial affairs are moving forward in a planned, logical manner.

This case study is a fictional representation of our client base. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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