Todays markets are uncertain.  Your time is valuable.  Your practice is a priority . Your family is counting on you.

Building a law practice can bring you many rewards and many responsibilities but success has a price.  As an attorney, it can be difficult balancing all the struggles of your life.  We help you manage your financial aspects that you don’t have time to do.

Case Study - Practice Retiring Early

Client: Julia

Age: 52


Julia was a successful attorney who was married to Michael, a professor. The couple had no children. Julia enjoys travel and sailing, and she wants to retire early and see the world. Michael is onboard with the goal, but even though Julia earned a substantial income they knew they had not saved enough money to make their dream a reality. Paying off student debt had delayed saving for retirement. One of their top concerns was health care, because there were no children in the picture to help them as they age, and because Michael had some health problems that could worsen down the road.


We talked with Julia and Michael about their dream to retire early and travel, discussing issues such as where they would live – would a modest condo be acceptable or would they want to continue living in a large house? – and how much travel they would likely undertake, for how many years. We looked at the complex web of insurance needs and income arrangements revolving around Julia’s practice, and created a financial plan and investment portfolio designed to help the couple retire on their own schedule. We also found a long-term care insurance policy suitable for the couple’s special needs, and built that expense into the plan.

This case study is a fictional representation of our client base. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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